Karl Hodge

Karl Hodge

Journalist and academic.

A technology, VR, games, science and culture writer with a twenty year career divided between academia and journalism.

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Open uri20140501 6030 gj4omz article

Digital Slavery? The Net's Grey Job Market

An investigation into digital inequality.

Open uri20140601 13067 1n4vg1x article

Food Hacking and the Future of Hunger

What if Soylent isn't just a Silicon Valley fad?

Open uri20160607 30361 1wzzz77 article

Food hacking and the future of hunger : June 2014 : Contributoria ...

Karl Hodge : You may have heard about Soylent. Don't worry, it isn't actually made of people. It's a nutritionally balanced, total meal replacement in liquid form ....

Open uri20160607 30361 193yenk article

Digital slavery? The net's grey job market : May 2014 : Contributoria ...

Karl Hodge : The value of creative work has taken a dive in the digital economy. This is an age where unpaid internships, spec work and creative “competitions” ......

Open uri20160607 30361 1qib06k article

Robin Hood Tax: How banks could fix the economy : July 2014 ...

Karl Hodge : The financial system is broken and campaigning organisation The Robin Hood Tax claim that we can fix it. To be specific, they claim that the banks ......